Banvil2000’s family of high performance LED Lay-in Panels offer the optimal blend of performance and energy savings.
Ideal energy-efficient, maintenance free replacements for fluorescent fixtures in office spaces, residential, healthcare facilities, schools, hospitality, and any other commercial and industrial applications.
Available in 1'x4', 2'x2' and 2'x4' models in 3000K, 4000K and 5000K Correlated Color Temperatures (CCT). Panels can be customized to meet any lumen output or CCT requirements via special order.

The flat panels are DLC Listed, fully dimmable and are compatible with building controls,
motion sensors and daylight harvesting systems. The fixtures produce a flicker free, pleasant,
even light distribution which helps create stress-free environments.


We added a few useful accessories and options, including surface mounting kits, trim replacement kits, and suspend mount kits. Please contact us for more information on pricing and availability.


  • DLC listed with High Lumen efficacy
  • Optimized optics controlling glare
  • Uniform, pleasing light distribution
  • Flicker Free dimming
  • Fits Standard T-Bar and Narrow Grid Drop Ceiling
  • Lightweight and Easy to Install
  • Low Profile, Durable Aluminum Housing
  • Recessed, Suspended, Surface mounting
  • 5-year warranty

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Ultraslim LED Downlight Panels

Banvil2000's Ultra Slim Recessed Downlight offer the ultimate blend of performance, looks, versatility, energy efficiency and affordability. The easy to install, instant mount, architecturally pleasing Ultraslim profile offer a discreet appearance compatible with any environment.

RIO Lighting Catalog pdf

RIO, a name synonymous with Banvil 2000 success, still continues to set the lighting standards for superior track lighting.

Offering a full range of products and lighting flexibility, please review our entire lineup of RIO in the Catalog link above.

Our Mayfair family of products, featuring residential and builders fixtures and accessories, has stood the test of time and quality over the years under the Banvil 2000 lineup.  Mayfair lighting solutions are the core for a large scale competitive market offering wide selection and great value pricing.

Banvil2000 the Jewel Transparent LED ceiling, wall and suspended light fixture. Featuring uniform up and down diffused light distribution and flexible mounting options, ideal for any décor.

Banvil 2000’s newly designed Jewel Transparent Light is an innovative and stylish product, featuring energy efficient, edge lit uniform up and down light distribution. This fixture is a designers dream, easily adaptable to any interior design theme, ideal as a ceiling light, wall sconce or suspended mount luminaire. The design allows for easy installation in virtually any setting, can be mounted directly to a junction box, or directly to a joist or stud. The centre covers comes in a variety of color options, or can be painted in field, making it easily compatible to virtually any interior design theme.  

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A hybrid of edge lit technology the Jewel offers an excellent blend of edge lit and up and down lighting, making it the first of its kind in the lighting industry. Transparent light offers two way light distribution allowing for symmetrical light distribution and a more pleasing light output compared to traditional sources.


§  Ultra modern, stylish and Innovative design
§  Available in Round And Square
§  Symmetrical  up and down light distribution
§  Easy and convenient installation with various mounting options including Surface, Wall or Suspended
§  Accessories include changeable covers in a variety of colors for any decor
§  Stock covers are paintable to match any décor
§  Energy Efficient product featuring 100 lumens/watt output. Durable with life span over 50,000 hours
§  Environmentally friendly, fully recyclable, no mercury or other hazardous materials

Stock  Sizes include:

Ø  11” - 12W 1200 lumens 3000K & 4000K

Ø  14” - 18W 1800 Lumens 3000K & 4000K

Ø  17” 24W 2400 Lumens (dimmable) 3000K & 4000K 

Available options include:

Ø  Dimming Drivers in 17" only

Ø  Color CCT Options from 3000K – 4000K

Jewel is the perfect luminaire for open space area in virtually any commercial or residential application such as Hallways, Restaurants, Kitchens, Dinning Rooms, Lobbies, Offices, and Malls.  

Banvil2000 is consitently investing in new energy efficient emerging technologies. We are focusing on enhanced LED solutions by increasing lumen efficancy, reducing energy consumption and lowering operating costs. We are constantly introducing cutting edge LED solutions that help us provide afforable products. Ask us about our latest LED product offerings!

Banvil2000’s introduces a line of DLC listed LED Vapor tight Series that incorporates (LVT’s). Full metal fixture liner inside lightweight, impact-resistant polycarbonate housing and lenses that are dust, moisture and corrosion resistant. LVT Series offers the ideal combination of protection with highly efficient luminaries. The fixtures are long lasting and durable, ideal for virtually any indoor or outdoor application. They are unaffected by extreme temperatures, and includes two steel mounting brackets for surface, stem, suspended chain, aircraft cable, and other mounting options.

Download Specification Sheet Here

The fixtures are designed and engineered for powerful lighting in harsh environments. The lens is specially designed to help deliver even, low-glare, voluminous light.  The vapor tight housing protects the light source from water and dirt, while new generation LEDs and drivers
provide much higher efficacy resulting in optimal energy savings. These fixtures are designed to replace less-efficient fluorescent strip lights in any application, even where IP rating is not required.

LVT’s are stocked and available with a clear lens, and the option of pre-installed microwave sensors. The sensor turns lighting on and off based on motion detection. The sensor modules are capable of a various functions and can be set based on your specific requirements.


Stock Fixture Options:

·         High Quality Polycarbonate base
·         Clear Lense
·         52W (2x26W Modules)
·         5200 Lumens
·         5000K

·         Pre-mounted Microwave Motion Sensor stock option


·         Parking Garages
·         Car Washes
·         Swimming Pools
·         Sauna
·         Mechanical Shops
·         Stairwells
·         Tunnels
·         Laundry Rooms
·         Utility Rooms
·         Food Processing Plants
·         Grocery Stores
·         Retail Applications
·         Kitchens / Restaurants

·         Commercial / Industrial /Residential Applications

Product Features
·         Ideal for extreme Hot or Cold conditions
·         Wind/Dust/Water proof and Corrosion Resistant
·         DLC, cETL, ETL listed
·         Dimmable LED 120/277 V available
·         Rated at 80+ CRI and available in multiple CCT for special requirements
·         LED technology offers the optimal ROI  over the fixtures lifetime
·         Lifespan of 50,000 hours +
·         Tested to LM-80 standards
·         LED Modules and Drivers are completely replaceable
·         Multiple Mounting options including chain suspension, by cable, and/or surface mounting
·         Mounting bracket included for surface mount installation
Latches securely locked in place by Integral molded pockets

Banvil 2000 offers a full range of track, vanity, outdoor and recessed lighting now available in energy saving LED models. Check out many of our attractive domestic lighting families in our catalog below.